13th April 2018

macbeth act 1

Act 1 scene 3:

We meet Macbeth in this scene. I this scene we meet the three witches again and they tell macbeth that he is the thane of cordaw. They also tell banquo that his kids will be kings but not him. This makes us think that macbeth’s children will not carry the line of royalty so he has to get rid of Banquo’s kid somehow, which in this case he kills them. He also his plans to kill the king so he can become the king, he tells the audience what his plans are but when asked by the other characters he says that he has no plans, he wishes to keep it a secret.


Act 1 scene 4:

In this scene the king asks if the thane of cawdor has been killed, which malcolm said that he is dead but did it himself. Also in this scene the king names malcolm the prince of cumberland and macbeth says that this will either be his downfall or something that makes him become the king. saying something like this in front of the king, someone who has the power to kill you. Macbeth also has to hide his own thoughts from himself, this is self denial from the horrible thoughts that he has about the king.


Act 1 scene 5:

In this scene lady macbeth is brought into the play and gets a letter from macbeth, telling her what has happened in the play so far, she writes back to him. She tells him that he is too soft do kill the king, and she asked him to desex her so she can do it herself. A quote from this scene is ‘stars, hide your fires! Let no light see my black and deep desires.’ ( macbeth) this quote gives us the idea that Macbeth’s plan to become the king is dark and will involve death, the death of the king. Lady macbeth speech shows us her personality, that she is crazy, greedy and aggressive woman who wants power. This is all after when Malcolm has become the prince of cumberland  


Act 1 scene 6:

Outside macbeth castle

angus and attendants 

in this scene lady macbeth asks the witches to desex her, giving her the power to kill the king.



scene 7:
In this scene lady macbeth states her mind as if she is the power out of the couple, as if she decides how and what they do. she tries to over power him, as if she wants to be feared by him. the idea of macbeth becoming king has gotten to her head. she is almost insane with the idea that she pushes to do anything for her husband to become king. she inslutts him, like shes hoping for this to hurt him and make him want to do it. i think that lady macbeth isn’t the the one who makes him want to do it. i think it the witches because they told him a prophecy and one part has come true, that he will be the thane of cawdor. he would never had thought of this if it wasn’t for the witches macbeth wouldn’t be in this situation, where he is faced to kill his cousin, the king of scotland. lady macbeth encourages




act 2 scene 1


in this scene banquo, fleance and macbeth meet to talk on a moonless night. this could mean that it was cloudy, because there was also no stars. at the end of this scene macbeth says that he can see a knife and its telling him to kill the king. 


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